Grow Your Following, Boost Your Reputation, and Seal Profitable Deals on LinkedIn (without going crazy)

Anyone can grow and monetize their LinkedIn profile with the Amplified System.

People with 10% of your knowledge and expertise are building their reputation and making a lot of money by leveraging their LinkedIn platform. 

Watch the free workshop below, and you will learn three things:

  1. How I went from 0 reactions and impressions to more than 11,100,000+ impressions per year in my posts
  2. 5 things people generally say you need to grow on LinkedIn (and why I disagree with them)
  3. The Structured Exponential Growth, the growth system I developed to grow, build my reputation, and close deals on LinkedIn

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What people talk about the Amplified System

If I did it, you can do it.

11,100,000+ impressions without:

  • Spending a single dollar on paid media.
  • Joining engagement pods.
  • Struggling with creative block.

I’m not an outlier.

I didn’t go to the best schools. I’m not a former executive from a big tech. 

I’m a regular guy who created a system to grow on LinkedIn. 

And this changed my life. 

Today, I close advisory and speaking gigs deals with companies. I also have much more freedom to work from wherever I want and on projects that I find most interesting.

It all started with LinkedIn and the Amplified System. And I can teach you how to do that. 

I have done this hundreds of times. And I will teach you how.

Do you believe that these numbers of impressions, followers, and comments would drive more opportunities for you?

A provenly effective plan

Here, you start from scratch and build a profitable LinkedIn profile.

This is the foundation of the Structured Exponential Growth (SEG) method. We break down a long and complex journey into simple and achievable steps.

Who is Tiago Amaral?

• After an investor backed out and my startup failed, I decided to double down on my personal brand. And this was the best professional decision I ever made.

• I grew my LinkedIn profile from 0, without hacks or engagement pods or paid media. And I believe every professional should be doing the same.

• In a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence, building a powerful personal brand will be one of the biggest moats you can build for your career.

• I’ve worked with companies like Wipro, Reddit, TDWC, Amcham, and Metaverse Insider and I was selected as one of the Top 10+ Web3 Speakers in the World, according to Champions UK, talking about | Artificial Intelligence, Web3, Innovation, and Future for global brands.

• After years working in leading positions at startups and big corporations, I strongly believe professionals should invest in their own personal brands. A powerful personal brand will give you leverage and freedom.

• I help professionals, founders, and executives to grow and monetize their LinkedIn.

• P.S: I’m the father of Simba, the cutest French bulldog ever (I can prove it).

Is it difficult to grow on LinkedIn?

If you think about gaining 100,000 followers overnight, it certainly seems challenging. But acquiring 10 followers is simpler than you think if you follow the methods I show you.

When you are growing on LinkedIn, it’s not because you’re a marketing genius, but because you meet someone’s need.

As you implement the methods, you gain more and more followers and close more and more deals.

If you have 1 follower, you can have 10. If you have 10, you can have 100. If you have 100, you can have 1,000. If you have 1,000, you can have 10,000. If you have 10,000, you can have 100,000.

There are nearly 1 billion users on LinkedIn, searching for experts every day. They are looking for something that you can sell.

People less talented than you are creating content, building reputation and closing deals in your field of expertise. Go out there and get what is yours.

The Amplified System is perfect for:

The best ROI of your career

You can 10x your investment in this training in the first few months by:

    • Landing a new job
    • Getting a promotion
    • Selling more products
    • Leveraging your startup
    • Closing just one speaking gig
    • Attracting the perfect investor
    • Closing a single consulting deal
    • Sealing a single advisory contract
    • Closing one deal as a Brand Ambassador

The best time to start is today.

The market will only become more crowded from now on. And AI is coming to dominate content creation. It has never been more important and urgent to have a strong personal brand and build your audience on LinkedIn.