LinkedIn 1on1 Coaching Program

The Growth Catalyst is a guided 4-hour program 1on1 with Tiago to help you implement everything you learned in the Amplified program and unlock and take your LinkedIn profile to a new level of growth and profitability.

The frameworks just work. Here is what other people have to say about the methods:

Why does Catalyst bring so many results?

4 hours

Four exclusive 1-hour 1on1 sessions focused on your profile and strategies just for you, based in the frameworks from the Amplified program.


I will personally guide you to implement all the processes, methods, and systems you learned in the Amplified program and answer all your questions.

For Everyone

It doesn't matter what your current belt is. I will guide you to upgrade your game.


Position yourself to close more deals, focused on your skills and to build your reputation.

Your use case

100% focused on your use case and your goals, tailor-made for your goals, background, and more.

Who is Tiago Amaral?

• After an investor backed out and my startup failed, I decided to double down on my personal brand. And this was the best professional decision I ever made.

• I grew my LinkedIn profile from 0, without hacks or engagement pods or paid media. And I believe every professional should be doing the same.

• In a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence, building a powerful personal brand will be one of the biggest moats you can build for your career.

• I’ve worked with companies like Wipro, Reddit, TDWC, Amcham, and Metaverse Insider and I was selected as one of the Top 10+ Web3 Speakers in the World, according to Champions UK, talking about | Artificial Intelligence, Web3, Innovation, and Future for global brands.

• After years working in leading positions at startups and big corporations, I strongly believe professionals should invest in their own personal brands. A powerful personal brand will give you leverage and freedom.

• I help professionals, founders, and executives to grow and monetize their LinkedIn.

• P.S: I’m the father of Simba, the cutest French bulldog ever (I can prove it).

For whom is Catalyst perfect?

  • For those who are already students of Amplified but struggle with implementing what they have learned.
  • For those who want to upgrade their LinkedIn presence and close more deals but don’t know where to start.
  • For those who already have results on LinkedIn but want to have more predictability and increase their reputation.

How much is it worth to have someone who started with 0 followers and now has over 11,000,000 impressions per year on LinkedIn personally guiding you?

The Catalyst has already been applied to professionals at various levels and from diverse industries.

It is completely personalized and tailored to your specific use case and goals. 

Oh, and no small talk. Our focus is on practical sessions.

For those who want to get there. Faster.

You can try to grow on LinkedIn by trial-and-error. You can also grow using the techniques I teach in the Amplified training. But with the Catalyst, you have an unfair advantage.

I will be with you for 4 hours developing a plan and implementing things with you so you can grow your career and start using LinkedIn as a powerful asset.