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Non-Fungible Book: Introduction to NFTs

“Great and insightful thoughts about NFTs that every professional should read! Powerful examples that will give you a clear view of NFTs magnitude, usability and how blockchain technology is playing a crucial role in our road to Web3.” – Marco Carvalho, Blockchain Lead – Celfocus

Blockchain? Smart Contracts? Scaling Solutions? DeFi? Dynamic NFTs? Generative AI?

Web3 and AI can be a mess of many things.

Count on me to help your company and employees separate the signal from the noise.

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In this thought-provoking keynote, we explore the impact of AI on the workforce and discuss how businesses and individuals can adapt to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving job market.

Join us for an insightful talk on The Rise of Web3, where we discuss how the new Era of the Internet will transform the business landscape and explore strategies for adapting to the changes ahead.

Join us for an engaging discussion on Customer Experience in the Web3 and AI Era, where we explore how businesses can leverage these technologies to create more personalized, seamless experiences for their customers.

Join us for a practical talk on Beyond Digital Transformation: Building a Digital Native Future, where we discuss concrete strategies and examples for companies to embrace the digital age and transition to a fully digital-native environment, with new business models, processes, and technologies.

Join us for an exciting exploration of The Metaverse Revolution, where we discuss the potential of this emerging technology and its implications for various industries.

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- N. Vasold, Director
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