I co-founded an educational platform dedicated to teaching courses on Web3 concepts for professionals and businesses. My primary roles included setting the overarching strategy, guiding the product direction, and spearheading marketing and growth efforts.


When the bear market hit, we were forced to close the business. One of our angel investors told us that he wouldn’t provide the remaining funds he had promised.


Strategic Advisor
  • Sonica is a no-code platform for developing Web 3.0 projects, with generation and distribution of tokens, NFTs and crypto via multi-chain blockchain networks, through an integrated system with functionalities for demand generation, SEO, CRM, social networks and a multilingual website builder.
  • I worked with the C-Level team to build go-to-market, pricing, business model, product, and marketing strategies for the platform.

AAA Inovação

Head of Product
  • Former Head of Product and Innovation at AAA Innovation, one of the largest innovation-focused education companies in Brazil.
  • I started by leading the content efforts of the company as Head of Content, building the blog from scratch, and growing the Instagram account from 12k to more than 50k followers organically in 6 months and the number of email leads from 25k to 120k in the same period.
  • Then, the CEO asked me to lead the Product division. I was responsible for launching 10+ profitable educational products and building all the b2b strategy.
  • I led teams of 5+, with multiple stakeholders.


Content and Innovation
  • Responsible for areas regarding innovation, education and content at KPMG Business School.
  • Some of my main tasks involved creating and supervising the creation of content for social media and newsletter, in addition to researching and implementing new tools for education and content distribution.


Head of Content
  • Created the blog and help center documentation from 0. Wrote more than 30 educational blog posts about cloud and web technologies and more than 100 help center technical documentation to help users to use the platform.
  • Led the strategy and decision-making related to the content strategy , including social media, ebooks, email marketing, knowledge base and internal communications.
  • Also managed the social media channels and worked in the overall communications strategy, in order to make it less technical for non-tech audiences.
  • Developed copywriting A/B tests for paid media.