Non-Fungible Book: Introduction to NFTs

In Non-Fungible Book: Introduction to NFTs, Tiago Amaral and Kaynã Rodrigues provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of this exciting and rapidly evolving technology. It delves into what are NFTs, why they matter and their future. The book also explores the technical aspects of NFTs, including the role of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

“Every marketer is trying to future-proof their customer strategies by better understanding the technology and use cases around next-generation NFTs. The Non-Fungible Book by Tiago and Kaynã gives you practical knowledge and insight to know where to start and what questions to ask. Few efforts are as accessible and applicable. It’s a must-read if you aim to get ahead of the game on NFTs.” – Brent Annells, Chief Marketing Officer, Smart Token Labs

“Great and insightful thoughts about NFTs that every professional should read! Powerful examples that will give you a clear view of NFTs magnitude, usability and how blockchain technology is playing a crucial role in our road to Web3.” – Marco Carvalho, Blockchain Lead – Celfocus

“Non-Fungible Book: Introduction to NFTs is an essential reading. If you’re getting into the web3 space, or if you’re a brand researching how to adopt web3 strategies, this book will give you a comprehension of possibilities with a fluid and non-technical language. I found the book extremely helpful for brands and creators who can learn about current and future possibilities to navigate this brave new world.” – Ney Neto, web3 builder and UplandMe leader in Latin America

“Tiago is back and did the absolute thing web3 needs: explain everything in clear and simple terms. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time ever you’re reading about NFTs, Wallets, Hash, and whatever else! Just start from this book and you’ll find the perfect place to start in your exploration of web3!” – Filippo Chiricozzi, Web3, Crypto & Metaverse Innovation, at Banca Sella

“Tiago and Kaynã managed to synthesize the basic knowledge necessary for professionals from any industry to start their journeys in the world of NFTs and, consequently, in the Web3 ecosystem itself.” – Thiago de Marco, Head of Marketing @ Niftify

“The best guide you will ever read to simplify your blockchain journey. The journey to realizing that soon everything you own virtually will be with you and not on a third-party server begins in this book.” – Gui Barbosa, gaming entrepreneur, former Global Business Development, Gaming at ByteDance