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Principles of Web3 Marketing

Learn the fundamentals of Web3 Marketing and become an Inevitable professional, ready for the next 10 years.

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Learn Web3 Marketing.


Original Frameworks

I guarantee you that what you will learn in this course is not available in other courses, simply because the original frameworks were developed by me, and totally focused on marketing for Web3.


Real World Cases

See how some of the most relevant Web2 and Web3 companies are using these same strategies to leverage their new ventrures.


No bullshit

You don’t have time for bullshit. Me either. This course is designed to be quick, to the point, so you can apply the knowledge the next day.

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Hear from happy customers

“Tiago has done an incredible job of acculturating and educating for this new Web 3 world. Totally necessary”.

- V. Elman, Creative Lead
Advertising Agency

“You have done a remarkable job of making the complicated easy and compelling”.

- M. Frost, Manager
Healthcare company

“Tiago has really broken down the Web3 space in a digestible way”.

- N. Vasold, Director
Pubicly traded US tech company

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to learn the principles of Web3 Marketing in a complete, easy and professional way
  • Want to open your own agency or consulting firm on Web3
  • Are a marketing professional and want to differentiate yourself and be more valued
  • Are a content creator and want to stand out on social media
  • Are a marketer tired of learning more of the same
  • Want a new source of income, to work with freedom of schedule, at home or traveling
  • Want to quickly enter of the fastest-growing markets in the world today

Who is Tiago Amaral?

Web3 Marketing can be difficult and confusing.

In this original video course, you’ll separate the signal from the noise and learn what to really focus on to build really powerful Web3 marketing strategies that work.

Tired of courses that just repeat the same things?

Other Web3 Marketing courses out there, frankly, just say more of the same.

  • “Grow your Twitter.”
  • “Make partnerships.”
  • “Get some PR”
  • “Make Twitter spaces to engage your audience.”
  • “Launch a collection of NFTs.”

This is all cool, but it’s taught by everyone. This is not Web3 marketing. It’s Web2 marketing applied to Web3. 

That’s why the frameworks featured in Principles of Web3 Marketing are 100% original, created by me after years of studying and applying these frameworks with clients.

More than just saying “Grow your Twitter Audience”, I will show you the principles that will continue to be relevant 10 years from now, so you can focus on becoming a future-proof Inevitable marketing professional.

ATTENTION: If you’re looking for courses that teach the same old stuff, like SEO, PR, Twitter, and so on, this course is not for you.

This course is for those who are ready to learn a new type of marketing, based on Web3 principles that will just become more and more relevant throughout the next years, as Web3 is mass adopted.

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